What does “CSR” mean to Sojitz?

Woodchip manufacturing plant in Vietnam (VIJACHIP) Woodchip manufacturing plant in Vietnam (VIJACHIP)
Solar power plant in Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Mirai Power (Chita-Mihama) Corporation) Solar power plant in Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Mirai Power (Chita-Mihama) Corporation)
Green polyethylene plant in Brazil (Braskem S.A.) Green polyethylene plant in Brazil (Braskem S.A.)

Responsibility to Future Generations

One of the most difficult tasks we face as a species is ensuring that the blessings of the natural environment are still around for future generations. Additionally, we have to worry about the impact which our increased CO2emissions are having on global climate change.

Sojitz is creating businesses all over the world which aid in environmental conservation. We aim to both establish profitable businesses as demanded by our stakeholders, as well as protect our environment for future generations.

Due to the many years of war and burning of farmland in Vietnam, the country’s total forest cover has dropped by as much as 15% in just 50 years. This has led Sojitz to create a lumber business which revives forest land through afforestation efforts, turning a portion of these new trees into wood chips for papermaking. In the last 20 years, we have brought back roughly 42,000 ha of forest and employed approximately 500,000 people annually on the project.

We must also work to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and spread the use of renewable energy sources which utilize natural energy. Utilizing experience gained on our solar power plant project in Germany, Sojitz began work on solar projects in Japan starting in 2013. Our solar power plant in Aomori Prefecture is now capable of generating enough energy for 19,000 households, and we also recently commenced work on another solar power project in Peru.

Another of Sojitz's business involves plastics made from organic sources, rather than petroleum. These green plastics have garnered much attention as a new low-emission material. The green plastic which Sojitz deals in is called “green polyethylene” and is produced in Brazil using sugarcane as a base.. Using this technology, we can make even the plastic bags you use at the convenience store or the supermarket out of sugarcane.

Tohoku reconstruction support in Iwate Prefecture, Japan (NPO Katariba) Tohoku reconstruction support in Iwate Prefecture, Japan (NPO Katariba)

Together with Local Communities

Sojitz gives back to society in ways deeply connected to local communities. In Tanzania and Mozambique, we not only work to provide educational support for children by improving preschool classroom environments, but we also build wells and provide health and safety training.
To aid in the Tohoku region’s continuing disaster reconstruction, Sojitz provides both afterschool educational support for children and subsidies for university students in the region. We also conduct volunteer activities including afforestation projects, work to maintain coastal tidewater forests, and fairs at which vendors sell goods produced locally in the Tohoku region.

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