What does “MANUFACTURING” mean to Sojitz?

Coal mine in Australia (Sojitz Coal Resources) Coal mine in Australia (Sojitz Coal Resources)
Industrial salt field in India (Archean Chemical Industries) Industrial salt field in India (Archean Chemical Industries)

From Coal to Rare Earths

As manufacturers look for cheaper, better quality resources in addition to stable supply, Sojitz works to find, develop, and provide materials which can meet manufactures’needs.

Both iron ore and coal are required to make steel. In order to secure a stable supply of iron ore, Sojitz has worked with Japanese steel companies for over 60 years on the development of a major state-owned iron company in Brazil. For coal on the other hand, Sojitz imports from Australia, Indonesia, and Russia.
Sojitz has also developed interests which provide rare metals, such as nickel, vanadium, and niobium, as well as rare earths, which are used in environmentally friendly vehicles, computer disk drives, and other electronics.
Sojitz also deals in salt, most of which is used for industrial purposes, including in glass, plastics, and bleaching agents. Sojitz has developed a massive salt field in India and now supplies over 10% of Japan’s total salt imports.
Of course, Sojitz does not only deliver raw materials; we also sell manufacturer’s products around the world.

Automobile assembly plant in the Philippines (Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation) Automobile assembly plant in the Philippines (Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation)
Fertilizer plant in Turkmenistan Fertilizer plant in Turkmenistan

Sojitz Manufacturing
 Spreading around the World

We not only sell goods—we make them, too. In the Philippines, Sojitz has manufactured, assembled and sold Mitsubishi brand automobiles for over 50 years.
More and more Japanese companies are entering overseas markets, but they harbor anxieties about working in unfamiliar countries with unfamiliar languages. In order to alleviate these concerns, Sojitz has built industrial parks in Vietnam and Indonesia, which support these companies. We provide employee cafeterias and transportation services within the industrial parks, and are actively working to invite construction companies, Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, and schools to the parks.
Many governments have also come to Sojitz with requests. Take Turkmenistan, for example. They have the world’s 4th largest reserves of natural gas, a necessary ingredient for chemical fertilizers. Acting as a bridge between Turkmenistan and Japan, Sojitz has been working with manufacturers to deliver their fertilizer plant equipment to the country.

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